[PATCH] kdebase/kicker/toolbar: do not split window caption tooltips

Stanislav Kljuhhin crz at starman.ee
Mon Aug 25 00:19:16 BST 2003

В сообщении от Monday 25 August 2003 01:53 John Firebaugh написал:

> > +        QToolTip::add( this, currentTooltip="<qt><nobr>" + QStyleSheet::
> > escape(name()) + "</nobr></qt>" ); 
> Ugh. Please don't assign variables as a side effect.
i thought it's called "C syntax" not "side effect", but if you don't like it, 
no problem to change it.

> Besides that, I think this will make unreasonably wide tooltips, and feels
> like a hack to me. Please consider improving Qt's line-break algorithm
> instead.
i see no intellgent way of breaking lines here. the text is not splitted in 
window caption, why should it be splitted in tooltip?
may be text could be squeezed to prevent too long tooltips?


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