a stupid but useful little applet.

Russell Miller rmiller at duskglow.com
Mon Aug 25 00:30:04 BST 2003


I just wrote an arguably stupid but just as useful little kicker applet,
and would like to know if there's any interest in putting it in nonbeta
or otherwise after polishing it up a bit.

I wanted to be able to send people messages from my website, upon
clicking a button.  So I wrote an applet which is basically a KTextEdit
(could be something else) shared with a DCOP implementation.  So, you send
the message via dcop, and it shows up in the kicker.  You can't reply,
but that's the nature of this kind of interface anyway.  It's as simple as
you can get, but still useful.

Is there interest, or should I just package it up myself?


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