_BRANCH Konsole & FreeBSD

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Sun Aug 24 22:56:59 BST 2003

Many moons ago, I wrote patches to get konsole to work around many linuxistic 
assumptions and actually invoke konsole_grantpty properly; recent changes in 
-CURRENT that break konsole wrt. gethostname() reminded me that I still 
haven't committed them nor ported them to HEAD. Find attached a patch:

* Makes the FD that konsole_grantpty uses a parameter. To be sure, I can't 
tell what the security implications of this change might be. I can imagine

	konsole_grantpty --revoke 3> /tmp/bar

actually already as a way to mess with /tmp/bar (well, if it was a tty).

To be on the safe side, konsole_grantpty should still work with FD 3 if no 
extra parameter is given. This allows the patched konsole_grantpty to work 
with older konsole's. Might be overkill, though.

* gethostname() may also return ENAMETOOLONG.

* ttyname() only works on ttys, not ptys in FreeBSD.

* Use Q_OS_FREEBSD instead of __FreeBSD__.

OK to apply? Look sensible for HEAD as well?

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