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Sat Aug 23 20:46:40 BST 2003

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On Saturday 23 August 2003 09:51, Kévin Ottens wrote:
> Now, I wish to payback for all the years of fun and services all
> the KDE developers have given to us in general and to me in
> particular.

terrific =)

> For now you can download it here:
> I'm waiting for your comments and/or advices.

very nice! i think this is definitely quality enough to be in KDE...

my only thoughts are:

	o instead of calling it devicesapplet (which is how it appears in the Add -> 
Applets menu), call it just Devices.. we know it's an applet ;) , and it 
should be capitalized as its a name.

	o i wonder if left clicking should bring up the menu that is currently 
associated with the RMB, which an added "Open" entry? after using it, i'm 
wondering if "average" users will find the RMB menu with all its usefullness, 
or just click on the icons and often get the "not mounted" option?

	o the service menus integration is a great idea. =) the code dupe isn't 100% 
optimal, but no reason not to put it in CVS as it's only a few dozen lines 
and there's no other way around it right now. perhaps i'll factor out the 
servicemenu generation code from for KDE 3.3 if this is in 

but those aren't huge issues at all, IMHO... really great job =)) i'm 
forwarding this on to kde-core-devel where it will get read by more of the 
core developers. also, email sysadmin at for a CVS account so you 
can add and maintain this gem...

this also reminds me how the devices:// ioslave could use some work =) e.g. 
combining mounted/unmounted in the selection dialog... doing a better job of 
catching dupe entries such as a CD-ROM that is also a CD-Writer =)..

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