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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Thu Aug 21 19:03:26 BST 2003

On Wednesday 20 of August 2003 21:31, Hetz Ben Hamo wrote:
> >  In short, trying to do with it anything that you couldn't do with
> > khotkeys1 is on your own risk ;). On the other hand, feedback is welcome.
> > Feel free to flood my inbox .. er I mean, and I'll be also
> > available for personal punishment at Nove Hrady.
> Lubos,
> Could you point the new features in khotkeys2?

 All KHotKeys2 can do is grouping together triggers+actions+conditions, where 
triggers are keyboard shortcut, mouse gesture, and window "state" change ( 
dis/appearing, de/activating); actions are launching a command (just like in 
minicli) or menuentry, doing DCOP call, activating a specific window or 
simulating keyboard input; conditions are currently only whether a window 
exists or is active. I think the example khotkeysrc demonstrates all of it. 
Adding new ones to any of these three groups should be hopefully that 

 That's all KHotKeys2 can do (and that shows why the name doesn't fit at all 
anymore). What was in CVS until recently could only launch a command or 
menuentry by a keyboard shortcut. Feel free to do the maths to figure out the 
difference ;).

> Will it support easy programming those new keyboards? (with the new
> gazillion keys, the Logitech keyboard, etc...)

 Yes, hopefully. Just like all the other keys. The only thing that makes the 
new keys different from normal ones is that people don't know how to setup 
properly the keyboard (e.g. by setting the keyboard modal in the Keyboard 
layout KControl module), and so they don't work for them.

> What about the ALT SHIFT suggestion I have asked you about it? (like in
> Windows - I don't know what people think - but using 3 keys to change a
> language, specially when you're using 3 language sets is PITA)..

 That's probably rather for Ellis. Or perhaps only adding it specifically in 
kxkb would do too (shouldn't be that hard in this case actually).

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