Software patent protest, could kde participate ?

Christophe Devriese oelewapperke at
Thu Aug 21 17:31:50 BST 2003

The FFII is organizing an online demonstration against software patents. We 
want you to replace the title page of your project's site with a protest page 
against software patents (for examples see below) on August 27th. If you 
don't want to block access to your site you can for example put a small link 
on the protest page as seen in one of the examples. 

The idea is that with software patents many sites running on/serving possibly 
patent infringing software (read: most free software) have to go offline 
sooner or later. So why not demonstrate this effect before it's too late?

I think this really matters to kde, as sooner or later software patents will 
be used against kde. We should do what we can to support this demonstration.


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