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Daniel Stone daniel at
Thu Aug 21 08:48:16 BST 2003

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 10:19:57PM -0500, Russell Miller wrote:
> I almost have a patch ready to fix this issue.  Essentially, it
> checks whether the qt-dir and the (lib-config --prefix) are the same.
> If not, it checks for the existence of (lib-config --prefix)/lib/
> If it finds one, it spits out an error at the end of the configure process.
> The error is:
>   echo "Some required libraries have been found in a location that is not the"
>   echo "same as the qt-dir prefix you have specified, but which contains"
>   echo "libqt-mt.  This is dangerous because it is possible that"
>   echo "a wrong version of libqt-mt may be linked to.  This is probably not"
>   echo "what you meant to do.  Installing kde-support into your prefix"
>   echo "directory and running configure again should resolve this problem."
>   echo ""
>   echo "You may ignore this message and continue with the make process, but you"
>   echo "are running the risk of dynamic linking errors (unresolved symbols)"
>   echo "and other Bad Things."
> I've just tested it for libxslt and it works flawlessly.  Attached is that
> patch.  Should be similar for the rest of the dependencies (which I haven't
> done yet).

Really, you want to see if is pulled in by *any* -L line, content of, or whatever, that isn't $QTDIR (hint: /usr/lib).

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