KHotKeys2 into CVS

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Wed Aug 20 18:28:47 BST 2003


 I've just committed the new KHotKeys2 version, thus replacing the simple 
version that was in CVS since KDE2.0.

 The short simple version of this mail:
 Theoretically, you should notice no difference. Don't touch the kcontrol 
module, and you should be safe. Nothing to worry about, all is fine. In the 
unlikely case you do encounter any problem, just do 'cvs up 
-rkhotkeys_1_before_replaced' in kdebase/khotkeys, mail me about the problem, 
and that should do.

 The real version:
 KHotKeys2 is not quite done yet. As it hasn't been since KDE2.0. And that has 
been the reason it didn't make it in KDE2.1,2.2,3.0 and 3.1. Too bad. For 
various reasons, I decided to put it in CVS. In the very worst case, the 
daemon is at least as good as the old one, so the kcontrol module will be 
disabled, and there won't be any harm. All other possible cases are better 
than that. And I'm pretty sure that fact it's in CVS will make me fix all 
important things in time for the release.

 Now, finally something useful:
 The README file is terribly outdated, but it might help a bit. Using the 
included khotkeysrc file as your cfg file and playing with that might help a 
lot more (oh, BTW, your old khotkeys1 config file will be converted, no way 
back). The kcontrol module GUI sucks badly, it may still crash rarely, some 
not really important buttons do nothing, and it sucks from usability point of 
view (I'm really terrible at this). The place in KControl modules structure 
where the GUI is now doesn't really feel right, and calling it 'KHotKeys' 
isn't very good too - suggestions are welcome. As the mouse gestures use the 
middle mouse button, it intercepts its clicks - in case you just middle 
click, you shouldn't notice any problem, in case you need to hold it down in 
some app, do so for one second, khotkeys will release its grab on it after a 
timeout. Oh, and I'm not liable for any damages caused by looking at the 
source - it's mostly quite old, and a couple of strange experiments took 
place there, like trying to write it perfectly (a good way to hell), or 
attempts to usefully overload operator, (=comma). You've been warned.

 In short, trying to do with it anything that you couldn't do with khotkeys1 
is on your own risk ;). On the other hand, feedback is welcome. Feel free to 
flood my inbox .. er I mean, and I'll be also available for 
personal punishment at Nove Hrady.

Lubos Lunak
KDE developer
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Drahobejlova 27  tel: +420 2 9654 2373
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