Convert kio_tar to use SubURLs

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Tue Aug 19 21:14:18 BST 2003

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On Tuesday 19 August 2003 22:07, David Faure wrote:
> Sounds fine to me, *if* kio_tar still reads the file by itself when it's a
> local archive, for performance reasons.
> To implement "reading archives from other protocols" I guess you will
> have another kioslave read from that protocol, and then send it to kio_tar,
> like the initial kio_tar code did. This is the only way for remote
> protocols, but it slowed down the local case a bit, please keep that as a
> special case.
> Anyway, the reason I moved away from ftp://path/archive.tar/#tar:/
> is that it has to download the *whole* archive, just to show its contents.
> Then when the user decides "ok, this tgz looks fine, I'll download it",
> he/she needs to download it all over again. On a slow connection, and/or
> with a very big tar file, this is a real waste of time - and it behaves in
> an unexpected way. I think it's better for the user to first download the
> tar file and then look into it :)
> Of course with faster protocols (e.g. floppy) it makes sense - I guess
> we're back to using the settings from the configuration module, where the
> user can say which protocols are generally fast and which ones are
> generally slow for him/her.

Maybe we can do some intelligent caching for these cases.

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