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On Saturday August 16, 2003 04:08, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> On Saturday 16 August 2003 22:54, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Further, Linux users not running the as-yet-unreleased Linux 2.6 get
> > shut out too.  That will be the first version that ships ALSA.
> Reality check (though I believe we've gone through that already) : Red
> Hat is the last distrib not shipping alsa 0.9 - though may be this has
> changed since I last looked - and anyone interested in MIDI on Linux
> *will* install alsa.

So?  Are users of kdemultimedia expected to run SuSE and Red Hat?

Besides, "anyone interested in MIDI" is too-broad a term.  Someone with an 
otherwise-working sound setup in KDE should abe able to play midi files 
without patching his kernel and reconfiguring all ther sound apps on his 

kmidi lets you play midi songs without doing all that.  If kmidi is to be 
replaced by new features in kmid, then kmid needs to provde that.
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