OT: Siemens sees Linux desktops at 20% of market by 2008--recommends GNOME over KDE

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Sat Aug 16 16:53:17 BST 2003

Stephan Binner <binner at kde.org> wrote:
> KDE League was definitely not founded to offer services, indemnification, 
> support and so on. That's the realm and task of its members.

Indeed.  If nothing, the KDE League could act as the middle man --
that would still be very useful and instrumental to getting KDE into

Think of KDE League as showing up and offering facts and figures and
"studies" about how well KDE does in the industry.  Once the client
shows interest, the KDE League just has to point at its members.

Oh and btw, that comment about KDE being like Windows is such a crock.
What did they do, configure KDE to look like Windows in KPersonalizer?
Or maybe they used Red Hat's BlueCurve and still thought it looked
more like Windows?  Haha.  For all the flexibility KDE offers in terms
of look and feel and behaviour, they might as well compare KDE to

That's why I suspect they just got ready-made studies and setups from
Ximian, especially since I *have* heard Ximian say before that KDE
looked too much like Windows and that this confused users.


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