[kde-doc-english]Re: Fwd: "filename" or "file name"

Michael Dean mtdean at theriver.com
Tue Aug 12 20:54:21 BST 2003

On Tuesday August 12 2003 03:38 am, Stephan Binner wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 August 2003 08:42, Rob Kaper wrote:
> > No, but they do reflect common mistakes. It's "file name".
> Only in Rob's own little world perhaps, elsewhere "filename" is the
> standard:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/glossary98/html/_gloss_glossary_f.a
> http://developer.apple.com/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/AquaHIGu
> Bye,
>    Steve

That's because you can't use spaces in the names of variables, so many 
developers just write filename instead of file_name or fileName, but 
according to the proper rules of the English language, it's file name.

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