KDEPrint code cleanup

Michael Goffioul goffioul at imec.be
Fri Aug 1 15:54:47 BST 2003

> Ok, just did some diffing and yeah, it doesn't look like BC is salvageable at 
> this point.  This is a bad thing, but I guess given the current situation it 
> really doesn't make a difference if there are further BC changes.
> So -- a couple of notes:
> There are some BIC changes in the "public" headers -- namely in KPrinter:
> (1)
> -	QSize realPageSize() const;
> +	DrPageSize* realPageSize() const;
> (2)
> -	void setRealPageSize(QSize p);
> +	void setRealPageSize(DrPageSize* p);
> (3)
> -QSize rangeToSize(const QString& s);
> Also number two moves the method from public to protected, which is source 
> incompatible.

See my recents commits that try to reduce the problem:
- mark all concerned headers as internal, and add compilation warnings
- try to restore KPrinter BC


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