Eric Laffoon sequitur at
Wed Sep 25 02:10:35 BST 2002

Hi Gilles,
I've gotten some mail about your wanting to work on an HTML editor component 
on KDE. I believe there are several options to look at as mentioned on the 
kde-core-devel list. I'm not sure how compatible we are with what you want to 
do. We most certainly will be bringing a WYSIWYG editing tool forward in the 
coming months. At this time we have not fully researched our options as to 
where we might start ahead of a QT widget.

Our objective is to continue development not bound to HTML but able to work in 
any markup language and utilize pseudo DTDs for any scripting language. Our 
parsing enables infinite combinations to be recursed and also maintains a 
relational document structure tree that can intelligently interpret embedded 
markup in scripting. All of this is rule based and additional DTDs can easily 
be added. Eventually when this is all optimized we need only to define rule 
sets for code layout and begin integration of WYSIWYG. Ideally the document 
will be parsed and fed to the graphical editor along with additional 
information. From here there is a hornets nest of issues and options. the end 
goal is to create a tool that is both extremely flexible and has the 
potential to self validate while adhering to your definition of how you want 
the underlying code to appear. It is about as far from a WYSIWYG HTML editor 
as you can get while still being able to fill the purpose.

This may not be of interest to you as it's much more than the component you 
described. then again it may be. If it is we could sure use the help.

FYI Quanta 3.1 will be released along with KDE 3.1 and distributed with it. 
Afterward we will be moving into KDE schedules for feature freeze and 

If anyone wishes to feed back to me on this please note I am not subscribed to 
kde-core-devel. Please respond either directly to me or cc to 
quanta-devel at I won't see anything else in a timely fashion. 
(cc's to me from unfamiliar addresses are divered by aggressive spam filters)


Eric Laffoon
Quanta Plus project manager

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