Thomas Diehl thd at kde.org
Sat Sep 21 18:21:12 BST 2002

Am Samstag, 21. September 2002 18:22 schrieb Klas Kalass:
> Hi all!
> I was wondering if it would be possible to include languageselectors and
> country-selectors in kdelibs (I know, too late for KDE 3.1 but for KDE
> 3.2?)
> An interface element that allows selection of installed languages is used
> by kcontrol/kdm, kcontrol/locale and kpersonalizer. Apparently Each of
> those have their own implementation.
> For selection of possible countries there are widgets in at least
> kcontrol/locale, kpersonalizer and kdeedu/keduca. Needless to say that
> those are not shared...
> I also saw that there are files called klangcombo.{cpp,h} and
> klanguagebutton.{cpp,h} in khelpcenter which possibly do the same as one of
> those quoted above (I could not find them in the GUI though....).
> Shall I add it to the feature list?

I guess with this we could have an menu entry that would allow changing the 
language / country settings on a program-by-program basis? If so: yes, please 
do so. This would fulfil one of the longest standing wishes of the 
translators (and some edu people).

Problems always was (according to Stephan) that it was unclear where such a 
standard menu entry should go in the end. Any ideas on this?



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