Eric Ellsworth whalesuit at softhome.net
Fri Sep 20 00:46:33 BST 2002

> I have the following modules that I would still like to see changes to:
> * background config
> * File Manager->Quick Copy & Paste integrating in other File Manager module
> * System bell & System notifications merged
I can do ui layouts for these, but cannot code the changes.

> * Status of "File Sharing" module is unclear.
Merge it with Windows Shares.  Would also be OK to add both to Network 

> * It's totally unclear what Advanced Search is for or what it used by and
> should either be reworked to make that clear or removed.

> * Desktop Appearance should go away and be integrated somewhere else.
> * The "KDE Components" name will hopefully change to something better once
> anyone comes up with a better name.
How about "Application Parts"?  Groan.  Anyone got _anything_ better?
Seriously, though as long as we're calling things KParts, the word Parts is 
good, and implies things that can be put together...

> * Other group names are considered somewhat long and might be renamed to
> shorter versions.
"Appearance & Themes" -> "Appearance" if that's not already done
"Sound & Multimedia" -> "Sounds", though right now it only contains sound 
elements.  IMHO the word "multimedia" will soon sound dated as all desktop 
machines have some sort of sound capability.
"Regional and Accessibility" -> "Regional Settings"

I'm not really sure why Accessibility should be its own category.  What about 
putting the bell tab with system notifications, and the keyboard tab with 

> * CGI Scripts might get integrated with "Paths".
> * "Internet & Network -> Preferences" might be renamed to something more
> suitable.
How about "Protocols"?



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