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On Thursday 19 September 2002 08:19, Lauri Watts wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Mike and I would dearly like to get going on the KControl updates (we've
> already done a few between us.)
> Can you give me an idea how far along in the reorganisation you are?
> Rearranging the location of the modules themselves doesn't really affect
> the documentation much, but rearranging the contents of the modules, and
> mergine multiple modules into tabs on single modules does.
> If I could get some idea which ones are "done" (or at least, won't change
> before KDE 3.1) we could start there.

I have the following modules that I would still like to see changes to:

* background config
* File Manager->Quick Copy & Paste integrating in other File Manager module
* System bell & System notifications merged
* It's totally unclear what Advanced Search is for or what it used by and 
should either be reworked to make that clear or removed.
* KHelpCenter config module should be removed.
* "Local Network Browsing" and "Window Shares" should be integrated.
* Status of "File Sharing" module is unclear.
* Desktop Appearance should go away and be integrated somewhere else.
* The "KDE Components" name will hopefully change to something better once 
anyone comes up with a better name.
* Other group names are considered somewhat long and might be renamed to 
shorter versions.
* CGI Scripts might get integrated with "Paths".
* "Internet & Network -> Preferences" might be renamed to something more 
* Changes to "Service Manager"

Anything else will probably stay as is.

I hope that all of the above will be fixed within the next week. (Either that 
or be left as is)

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