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On Wednesday September 18, 2002 07:59, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 September 2002 22:26, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > I think that development process is a critical issue that is
> > absolutely worth a fork.  It's nice to sit and talk all day about
> > what plan you agree on, but the fact is KMail has always lagged
> > behind the rest of KDE and behind user expectations:
> Neil, like I said I agree with everything you said, but with nine people
> on the team fork is really not the most efficient way to go.

Really?  Despite KMail's large (for KDE) number of developers, KMail has 
developed slowly (for KDE).  Perhaps thinning it down a bit would help 
more than it would hurt.

Time will tell.

> I'm just a little tired and frustrated with this situation.

I think we all are, each in our own way.

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