Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Sep 18 20:34:05 BST 2002

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 17:39, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> IMHO you don't get anything from beeing so stubbern. Don (and most
> other kmail developers by now) won't touch kmail HEAD anymore at
> least til 3.1 and concentrate on the make_it_cool_branch and if you
> don't take care, the defacto kmail will become shortly the one in the
> branch and you activly removed your name from that afaik.

I don't see "most other kmail developers" concentrating on make_it_cool. 
I see "most KMail developers" working on bug fixing to get a stable 
1.5.0 for 3.1 out of the door - a boring job that has to be done - and 
_some_ KMail developers, who are not interested in this kind of work, 
hacking away on fun stuff in make_it_cool.

Stephan, kicking the bugfixers in the ass and praising the make_it_cool 
branch makes it quite hard to focus on getting stuff done in HEAD. And 
remember that HEAD, and not make_it_cool is what will get released with 

> A suggestion: remove the "maintainer" from the about box completly
> and make Michael release coordinator for kmail 1.4.x
                                                 ^ 1.5.x
> and make the
> branch a 1.5.x that Don coordinates. kmail has come a long way
> without a single maintainer, but has been developed by a group of
> developers and I think it's time you get that straight and stop
> pissing each other off.

Good compromise. Yet, this doesn't solve the problem at all. We have two 
people fighting for maintainership. One of them is accepted by the vast 
majority of developers, the other one is a valueable KMail developer 
that would be bad to lose, but who doesn't want anybody else but him 
maintaining KMail.

Name it as you want, the problem won't go away. If we need to agree on a 
release dude for 1.6.x (KDE 3.2), the fight will come up again. We 
could alternate between Micheal and Don for every release, but as far 
as I understand from his mails, this would be unacceptable for Don.

I have a few problems with making Don the permanent release dude, not 
the smallest of which is his attitude towards bug fixing and the 
feature freeze.


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