RH BR74071 (Was: Configuring the Red Hat Linux desktop)

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Tue Sep 17 01:50:39 BST 2002

David Faure <david at mandrakesoft.com> writes:
> I wonder which files need to be renamed (can you give a few examples)?
> I mean, there's only one kmail, one konqueror, etc. All the desktop files
> with the name of an application should be unique enough already.
> Those in share/services are only used by KDE anyway, so I guess
> it's not about those. The rest is apps, so it usually matches the app name.
> One exception is the Settings directory (kcontrol modules), though -
> is that where the problem lies?

The issue isn't that there was a specific conflict with the packages
we ship, just that third parties are encouraged to install to
/usr/share/applications, so everything should be nicely namespaced to
avoid problems in the future. desktop-file-install enforces
namespacing like this (along with lots of other .desktop file

This does bring up the issue - if desktop file names are used to load
services, if you expect to have third party services, probably
namespaces should be encouraged in the names used by applications as
well, right?

i.e. you would want apps to findServiceByDesktopName("some-namespaced-name")


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