RH BR74071 (Was: Configuring the Red Hat Linux desktop)

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Mon Sep 16 20:31:46 BST 2002

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On Monday 16 September 2002 11:42 am, Owen Taylor wrote:
> OK, sounds like we need to come to a decision here.
> To summarize:
>  Problem: To avoid filename conflicts, Red Hat needs to rename
>    some of the standard KDE desktop files. However,
>    findServiceByDesktopName still needs to work with the
>    original names.
>  Solution A: When renaming the desktop files, we add a
>    X-KDE-DesktopName field with the original filename,
>    and use that when creating a Service object instead
>    of the actual filename.
>  Solution B: When renaming the desktop files, we always
>    do that by prepending "kde-", and we make the
>    findServiceByDesktopName try the the name with kde-
>    prepended as a fallback from the specified name.
> If we can get an opinion about which of these is more
> acceptable for upstream inclusion, I'll see about getting
> the appropriate patch written.

Unless anyone else has any strong opinions about this I'm inclined to go for 
B. Mostly based on the idea that if we adopt vfolders for KDE 3.2 we will 
probably indeed have to adopt a "kde-" prefixing for a number of services and 
fixing it in findServiceByDesktopName would have more of a temporary 
transitional nature. Otoh if we added X-KDE-DesktopName we would have to keep 
that around till the end of days

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