RH BR74071 (Was: Configuring the Red Hat Linux desktop)

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Mon Sep 16 19:42:46 BST 2002

Waldo Bastian <bastian at kde.org> writes:

> On Sunday 15 September 2002 12:45 pm, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > I guess the question is whether looking up desktop files by
> > filename base is a KDE-specific activity or something that
> > is interesting to other people installing desktop files
> > as well.
> It's the only unique way of identifying a service/application at the moment. 
> The "Name" field of the desktop file gets translated so that isn't very 
> suitable and the path of the desktop file is subject to change when the user 
> rearranges his menu.
> > (I don't see looking up desktop files by filename as something
> > that is particuarly interesting for GNOME at the moment)
> How does GNOME look up .desktop files then? Exclusively based on capabilities 
> via a trader?

GNOME doesn't need to look up .desktop files in general. 
Service information is stored elsewhere (XML files in 
/usr/lib/bonobo/servers.) Applications are started by binary
name. So, the issue really hasn't come up.
> > Reasons in favor of my original proposal:
> >
> >  - The "kde-" renames were meant as simply filename renames
> >    to get the files out of the way, and formalizing the
> >    use of that exact string by putting it into kdelibs
> >    seems a little strange.
> I think it's an appropriate prefix so I have no problems with that.
> >  - There is no danger of applications accidentally referring
> >    to the Red Hat filenames instead of the real KDE
> >    service names.
> True.

OK, sounds like we need to come to a decision here. 

To summarize:

 Problem: To avoid filename conflicts, Red Hat needs to rename
   some of the standard KDE desktop files. However, 
   findServiceByDesktopName still needs to work with the
   original names.

 Solution A: When renaming the desktop files, we add a 
   X-KDE-DesktopName field with the original filename,
   and use that when creating a Service object instead
   of the actual filename.

 Solution B: When renaming the desktop files, we always
   do that by prepending "kde-", and we make the 
   findServiceByDesktopName try the the name with kde-
   prepended as a fallback from the specified name.
If we can get an opinion about which of these is more 
acceptable for upstream inclusion, I'll see about getting
the appropriate patch written.


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