READ: bugzilla coming real soon now :)

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Thu Sep 12 13:45:57 BST 2002


I think, I got most issues solved now and we could go with
bugzilla starting tomorrow.

There is of course still room for improvement, but users can
report bugs now and developers could easily modify them if
it would be our main system :)

So I ask everyone caring for bug reports to give
a last test. If nothing major arises, I will switch DNS tomorrow
and after that moment will run with a different
backend and you won't be able to change bug reports anymore
with either mail or kbugbuster (these are the major points that
will be improved after the system works :).

BTW: if you can't edit bug reports, you should check if the address
you use to log in into bugzilla is the same as in kde-common/accounts.
All these addresses have the right to change other user's permissions,
so use that with care.

Greetings, Stephan
P.S. As soon as the system works, I hope people other than me will
document our view on bugzilla (which is slightly different than what
bugzilla was made for).

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