Network Printer Management Tool (-> CVS)

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Thu Sep 12 12:24:36 BST 2002

Michael Goffioul wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently developing a network (printer) management tool built
> around the scli utility (which itself uses the SNMP protocol). Its
> main purpose is to graphical show various information about network
> devices (in my case, printers). I'm developing it as an addon for
> kdeprint.
> You can view some screenshots at
> My point here is that I'd like to put it somewhere into CVS. I'm
> thinking about kdenonbeta at first, then kdeaddon (maybe by
> creating a kdeprint subdir) when it becomes complete and stable.
> Any objection to that (or better suggestion)?

kdeextragear-1 ?

My (selfish) reason: kdeextragear-1 is reasonably small for me to
compile. Everything in there compiles for me. I am used to your
near-perfect releases and commits -- so skli would fit in there.

kdenonbeta is huuuuuge. 50% doesn't compile for me and needs a lot
of manual Makefile corrections. skli doesn't fit in there (other
than increasing the compilation rate success to 50,5%... ;-)

kdeextragear-1 (as I understand) is a temporary repository for
projects which are "not yet there" (and whose final home in KDE
is not yet decided), but should catch the eye of more developers
and CVS users...


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