[Kroupware] Re: Preannounce: Kroupware Project started

Hamish Rodda meddie at yoyo.its.monash.edu.au
Wed Sep 11 16:04:28 BST 2002

> > > A powerful and standard conformant scripting language (Sieve).
> >
> > A way to upload kmail filters into sieve would kick ass. I hope you have
> > that planned :-)
> Won't happen - at least not from our side - because it's going to kill
> scalability of the server (yes, you could do some admin settings for this
> or only allow some things or all sorts of other stuff that a tight deadline
> doesn't permit us). Two other approaches are hopefully implemented though:

The uploading part is taken care of with timsieved, which implements their 
"managesieve" protocol.  I wrote a kioslave for it, which I still have if 
anyone would like it. I also remember seeing something similar in kdenonbeta, 
though at a glance I can't see it right now.

To me the time consuming part is writing the gui to create the sieve scripts 
in the first place.

> The common thing with these two is that it's done in the client, and that
> is the best. Consider a server with a million users spending 99% cpu time
> on filtering - not exactly impressive. So for now we won't spend time on
> it, but it's an open project, so if someone volunteers...

Do you have numbers to back that up?  From appearances, sieve seems designed 
to handle this load... "The language is not Turing-complete: it provides no 
way to write a loop or a function and variables are not provided."  With only 
the particularly savvy users likely to write very complicated scripts, I'm 
pretty certain you'd be in the clear.



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