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Roberto H. Alsina ralsina at
Wed Sep 11 15:56:32 BST 2002

On Wed, Sep 11 2002 at 04:20:58pm +0200, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 September 2002 15:59, Roberto H. Alsina wrote:
> >
> > A way to upload kmail filters into sieve would kick ass. I hope you have
> > that planned :-)
> Won't happen - at least not from our side - because it's going to kill 
> scalability of the server (yes, you could do some admin settings for this or 
> only allow some things or all sorts of other stuff that a tight deadline 
> doesn't permit us). Two other approaches are hopefully implemented though:
> Filters can be applied to the headers when you're told about new mail. I don't 
> know about your filters, but mine only filters on header stuff. And it 
> usually performs two actions: Move to another folder (can be done on the 
> server with IMAP) and possibly change my identity (which doesn't concern 
> IMAP).

I am basically thinking of the "move the message to another folder" filters.
Right now, you configure the filter on Kmail, and then you move things around
when you connect.

By uploading that filter in sieve into the server, the messages get routed 
into the right folders when they arrive.

The work for the server seems to be about the same, only it is better spread
if the filter is in the server.

It also makes the IMAP session faster, since you don't have to wait for the

Also delete-on-condition filters decrease the server load and storage 

If I understood you correctly, you plan to make these filters available through 
a web interface, right? Because if you don't, then SIEVE is useless ;-)

All I meant was, instead of using a web interface, just make kmail generate
the sieve script and upload, for the sort of filters where that makes sense. 

In fact, I think I may have some python code
to generate the sieve scripts from kmail config files somewhere.

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