Kaplans involvement in the Kroupware project [was: Re: Preannounce: Kroupware Project started]

Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Wed Sep 11 13:18:25 BST 2002

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 21:23, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> My Question to Don is: How realistic would it be to change the
> KMail internals in the make_it_cool branch to have a KPart in the
> given (and very tight) schedule?


"I'm going to answer a few Qt bugs now and after that I'll port 
KMMainWin to being a kpart, I think this is the kind of thing he'll 
need to do, I'll do this by monday morning, I'll post a patch once 
I'm finished to the list and I hope that he is willing to consider 
accepting my patch into his branch if it's the kind of thing he 


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