Kaplans involvement in the Kroupware project [was: Re: Preannounce: Kroupware Project started]

Daniel Molkentin daniel.molkentin at sap.com
Wed Sep 11 12:23:31 BST 2002

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 12:40, Don Sanders wrote:
> Ok. Yes we shouldn't forget the Kaplan guys. I do apologize to them

"The Kaplan Guys" is acutally a bit much, it's more or less only me :)
While mhk wrote the framework, he pretty much dumped it, Cornelius commited it 
to CVS because he was asked to and felt it might be usefull and I continued 
to hack on it a bit but I got pretty much stuck because... well, I didn't 
find a non-destructive way to turn KMail into a KPart :/

> but I've been too busy to look at their project. But I plan to make
> KMainWin a KPart very soon, and hopefully they'll like that. 

I am looking forward to that :)

> BTW about the name Kontact, the main problem with it is that the
> domain Kontact.org is taken by someone who is asking quite a lot of
> money for it. But I negotiated it down a bit to $US333 and have made
> a payment to buy the name, hopefully ownership rights will be
> transferred to me soon.

What is so bad about Kollab? (IIRC that was Martin's creation and in the 
mini-meeting we had on LinuxTag very much appreciated that name) 
Collaboration is what this is all about. And kollab.org is free according to 

Btw: I just talked to Martin about the architecture. I am fairly new to that 
list (I subscribed like 2 hours ago), but from what I understood it is 
planned to use KMail as a container for now due to the tight schedule.

My Question to Don is: How realistic would it be to change the KMail internals 
in the make_it_cool branch to have a KPart in the given (and very tight) 

The other question relates to the technique behind the intercommunication. 
Currently Kaplan uses KParts only for integration, not for communication. For 
that, each Part registers as a new DCOP client. That kills two birds with one 
stone: First you don't have to care wether the client is running inside or 
outside the Kaplan container and (given the fact that all PIM applications 
are KUniqueApplications) it will prohibit an application to start an internal 
instance if a Kaplan component already registered a DCOP instance with the 
same name. 

How did you guys plan to do the IPC?


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