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Tue Sep 10 17:58:45 BST 2002


On Monday 09 September 2002 12:40, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> It's quite ok for now. What I would like to have is that reparent gets the
> WStyle_NoBorder hint. While that should be pretty trivial, how complicated
> is it to add further buttons to the self-drawn handle in KDockWidget?

The attached patch adds an undock button to the header and adjusts the size of 
the dock back button.

It adds a new slot and defines a KDockWidgetHeaderPrivate class with one 
member (was only declared forward), what should be binary compatible.

What can be a problem is that the destructor of KDockWidgetHeader is not 
inline any more (it has to delete the d member). Is this binary compatible? 
If yes, will it be called from already linked programs? This patch would 
introduce a memory leak otherwise.

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