KDirWatcher and dnotify signal problem

Josef Weidendorfer Josef.Weidendorfer at gmx.de
Mon Sep 9 17:05:33 BST 2002


On Monday 09 September 2002 17:02, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> [...]
>  I changed it to use SIGRTMIN+8 , and added a check for kernel version at
> least 2.4.18 (that's what I have here, I don't know what's the oldest one
> working).

sorry, I think that check is wrong; we need >= 2.4.19.
As in a previous EMail written, I saw a (obviously THE) patch in 2.4.19pre3.
If you are using Suse 8.0 with 2.4.18: This one already has a similar patch
for dnotify (look at supplied patches for the Suse kernel).
Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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