KDirWatcher and dnotify signal problem

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Sep 9 16:02:30 BST 2002

On Thursday 05 September 2002 20:38, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> On Thursday 05 September 2002 06:33 am, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >  However, we should probably do something with the signal used. We're a
> > library and when just hardcoding SIGRTMIN this may clash with other piece
> > of code using SIGRTMIN. My original patch uses __libc_allocate_rtsig(),
> > which is not documented, and doesn't help much if somebody else hardcodes
> > SIGRTMIN anyway. I suggest we simply change SIGRTMIN to e.g.
> > (SIGRTMIN+15).
> That's fine with me.
> We should also add a runtime check for a working dnotify somewhere don't
> you think? If we make the use of DNOTIFY dependant on an env. variable then
> we can check in kcminit whether DNOTIFY works in combination with the linux
> kernel in use and set this env. variable accordingly.
> I guess we should add the check to kded even instead of kcminit, since kded
> is the first process to use kdirwatcher.

 I changed it to use SIGRTMIN+8 , and added a check for kernel version at 
least 2.4.18 (that's what I have here, I don't know what's the oldest one 

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