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Mon Sep 9 19:26:50 BST 2002

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On Monday 09 September 2002 08:32 am, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Mattias Ettrich wrote:
> > As long as I'm responsible for Qt development, and with Reggie, Lars
> > and Harri on the team, we'll hardly do something that fucks KDE up. Ok?
> Everybody
> > getting this? Thank you.
> Matthias, this may be offtopic for this thread and if so please let me know
> where to ask, but I have on question to you:
> We (from the kde-cygwin project) have asked trolltech about a statement
> about "kde on windows" and the possibilities for a qt release for building
> a windows based native kde release, which needs a (free ?)gcc compilable qt
> libary, but haven't got any answer until now. Could you give us an answer
> for this topic ?
> Additional we like to know, what the kde guys think about the kde-cygwin
> project in general.

I can answer the KDE part :-)

I think kde-cygwin is very important for KDE because everytime you talk to 
third party software developers they mention that cross-platform 
compatibility is an issue for them. That is ususally followed by either 
"That's why we don't use KDE classes, but only Qt." or in rare cases by 
questions how to wrap KDE / Qt classes so that they can compile both a 
Qt-only and a KDE from the same sources.

It will help KDE immensly as platform if the expansion to other platforms is 

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