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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Sep 9 18:47:51 BST 2002


 There was recently a mail on kde-devel@ about klipper and it's problem. I'm 
actually not subscribed there, but I've noticed before I've run into the 
problem myself and found it when searching for the posts where I explained 
why I made it possible to run Klipper as an applet. I actually didn't find 
that post, but to make it short: I'd like to make Klipper an applet _only_, 
because :

<kde-devel post by gis>
On Wednesday 04 September 2002 11:27, Gioele Barabucci wrote:

> While I was looking at klipper code, I found that klipper is compiled also
> as a kicker applet. So I closed my klipper (app) and started the applet.
> The applet adds a new handler, but still shows the icon in the trayarea (as
> the application).

Didn't you say you quit the klipper app before? How could it still be in the 
tray area then? You can either run the app or the applet. (Starting the 
applet kills the app.)

> Also, if you right click the klipper (applet) icon, you'll get informations
> (help-> submenu) about the kicker applet proxy.

Hmm, only have KDE 3.0x here, there is no About or Help menu entry.

> Can someone explain me how klipper-applet would be more usefull than
> klipper-app?

The applet saves some memory by not running in an own process. Lubos added 
this, so you might want to ask him.

Carsten Pfeiffer
</kde-devel post by gis>

 Both those problems are caused by the change to inherit TopLevel from 
KSystemTray. And an applet is of course no tray icon. I tried to fix the 
applet case somebody, but I eventually decided it will be much easier to help 
Klipper from this schizophrenia. The reasons for applet are:

- it would be possible to get rid of the startup hacks for Klipper (that 'oh, 
you really don't want me? not even later?' dialog), messing with the 
autostart/klipper.desktop file and so on.
- since most people run it all the time anyway, it should be IMHO an applet 
anyway (since AFAIK that's the difference between applets and trayed apps)
- it would of course make those if( is_applet ) ... else ... unnecessary
- about 1000000B reasons

 Reasons against:
- does anybody still have any clipboard problems since I fixed the Qt problem 
almost a year ago?

 We still have some time until KDE3.1 final, so until then the applet-only 
klipper would get enough testing.


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