bugzilla && kbugbuster

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Mon Sep 9 10:42:56 BST 2002

Am Montag 09 September 2002 00:09 schrieb Helio Chissini de Castro:
> Great..
> Now comes kbugbuster..
> After some talks with maintainer of our Bugzilla ( Conectiva ), we found
> three possible solutions to port kbugbuster ( with intention of use all
> bugzillas around the world ):
> 1 - The HorribleParseLikeKbugbusterWorksNow:
> It's the simple, but ugly, hard, and longer to move.. I really dislike this
> way of doing things like parse a web page result not intended to this
> specific operation, but if none of others below is aproved, patience...
> 2 - Read only open database access:
> Bugzilla operates over MySQL as usual ( KDE Bugzilla too Stephan ? ), then
> kbugbuster could access directly MySQL database. It's a good solution from
> the programmer side, and very possible, but it impose two problems, one
> related to one feature that we uses here, and other in the kbugbuster exec
> requires.
> The feature that we uses in Conectiva, and Stephan doesn't mention if we
> will use then in KDE bugzilla, is about restricted bugs, that is visibility
> just to reporter and maintainer, not open to anyone. With worldwide access
> to database,  we can't block automatically querys in this type of records,
> and need keep in mind that no one desires change things in such databases.
> The second problem is about the need of QT database plugin compiled. I know
> that a large number of developers maintain your qt libraries reduced as
> they need, not compiling all things. A kbugbuster working directly with
> database will force people to do compile things that they don't want...
> 3 - A set of server side cgi scripts directly related to kbugbuster ( My
> choice and the local team ):
> The holy grail is create server side scripts with querys needed from
> kbugbuster, wrote for this specific operation.
> This will keep all things protected, handled by the server, returning all
> data as we want..
> The major job in administration is encharge of bugzilla maintainer, and
> specific extra tasks could be developed. It's the fast and reliable way to
> port kbugbuster changing a little their gui and way of work, and easy to
> implement.
> This will enable kbugbuster to easily used in bugzillas d over the world,
> not just kde, and moving a specific application to a full usage kde
> application.
> If no one gos an issue, i'll start to implement the solution 3 ASAP, since
> we will use at Conectiva bugzilla too...
solution 3 is the only that works. You can't parse web pages - the difference
between conectiva's layout and KDE's layout makes this obvious.

and xml.cgi is a nice start :)

Greetings, Stephan

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