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Helio Chissini de Castro helio at conectiva.com.br
Sun Sep 8 23:09:44 BST 2002

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Now comes kbugbuster..

After some talks with maintainer of our Bugzilla ( Conectiva ), we found three 
possible solutions to port kbugbuster ( with intention of use all bugzillas 
around the world ):

1 - The HorribleParseLikeKbugbusterWorksNow: 
It's the simple, but ugly, hard, and longer to move.. I really dislike this 
way of doing things like parse a web page result not intended to this 
specific operation, but if none of others below is aproved, patience...

2 - Read only open database access:
Bugzilla operates over MySQL as usual ( KDE Bugzilla too Stephan ? ), then 
kbugbuster could access directly MySQL database. It's a good solution from 
the programmer side, and very possible, but it impose two problems, one 
related to one feature that we uses here, and other in the kbugbuster exec 
The feature that we uses in Conectiva, and Stephan doesn't mention if we will 
use then in KDE bugzilla, is about restricted bugs, that is visibility just 
to reporter and maintainer, not open to anyone. With worldwide access to 
database,  we can't block automatically querys in this type of records, and 
need keep in mind that no one desires change things in such databases.
The second problem is about the need of QT database plugin compiled. I know 
that a large number of developers maintain your qt libraries reduced as they 
need, not compiling all things. A kbugbuster working directly with database 
will force people to do compile things that they don't want...

3 - A set of server side cgi scripts directly related to kbugbuster ( My 
choice and the local team ):
The holy grail is create server side scripts with querys needed from 
kbugbuster, wrote for this specific operation.
This will keep all things protected, handled by the server, returning all data 
as we want..
The major job in administration is encharge of bugzilla maintainer, and 
specific extra tasks could be developed. It's the fast and reliable way to 
port kbugbuster changing a little their gui and way of work, and easy to 
This will enable kbugbuster to easily used in bugzillas d over the world, not 
just kde, and moving a specific application to a full usage kde application.

If no one gos an issue, i'll start to implement the solution 3 ASAP, since we 
will use at Conectiva bugzilla too...


On Sunday 08 September 2002 18:06, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Hi!
> I finished today porting the bugs.kde.org wizard to bugzilla, so I think
> the last missing piece from my side was done.
> This means we will shortly ditch the current bugs.kde.org and switch
> what is shown behind bugs.kde.org. For this we need a week or more
> where new bugs are only imported into bugzilla, til then you need to
> remember that bugzilla's email interface is about non existant. You can
> still reply to bugzilla emails if you have an account on bugzilla.kde.org,
> but you can e.g. not close bug reports.
> So as soon as bugs.kde.org runs on bugzilla, you have to remember to
> visit the link that each such mail contains to edit  aspects. As I have no
> idea what problems arise as soon as we really deploy the new system,
> I'd like to switch asap.
> Greetings, Stephan
> P.S. I'd need someone to write a bugzilla.kde.org/wizard/index.php
> that redirects the GET request on that URL to a POST request on
> wizard.cgi

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