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Keith Packard's new font configuration library, fontconfig, has just been 
released. Currently, kcontrol/fonts and kcontrol/kfontinst alter the old Xft 
configuration file (either /etc/X11/XftConfig or ~/.xftconfig). However, 
fontconfig uses an XML based config file (either /etc/fonts/fonts.conf or 
~/.fonts.conf). The fcpackage tar.gz file, obtainable at, 
contains code for an Xft1 replacement that is (should be?) binary compatible 
with the old, but uses the fontconfig configuration files.

The code in kcontrol/fonts/kxftconfig.cpp (& h) can be compiled to work with 
fontconfig (it just needs the HAVE_FONTCONFIG #define). However, this code 
has not been fully tested - and I am no expert on XML (the XML code in these 
files is all I have *ever* written).  It does seem to work, with the 
exception being that the output indentation seems to be messed up - is this a 
Qt problem?

I would like to add the attatched file to kcontrol/fonts so 
that fontconfig can be checked for, and used if found.

However, I'm not sure if this is allowable at this stage - seeing as we're in 
a feature freeze. The problem is that XFree86 V4.3 (which will use 
fontconfig) is scheduled to be released sometime between KDE3.1 and KDE3.2

Should this wait for KDE3.1.1? Or just leave for KDE3.2?


p.s. The attatched file contains fonts/, fonts/, and 
kfontinst/kfontinst/ All 3 need to be used - and both 
kcontrol/fonts and kcontrol/kfontinst need to be rebuilt.

p.p.s. Can someone with XML experience look at the code 
(kcontrol/fonts/kxftconfig.cpp) and tell me why the indentation is soo badly 
messed up - and how to fix it?
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