Artifacts in Keramik widget theme

Henrik Johnson hpj at
Mon Sep 2 22:21:36 BST 2002

Maks Orlovich wrote:

>>First of all I have to ask why this somewhat "hacky" tweak is needed.
>>Couldn't it simply be fixed in the styles, liquid seems to manage it.
>Because the style doesn't even draw labels, and for many other objects it  
>can't check parenting anyway, plus doing the check every time is somewhat of 
>an overhead. So the style has to handle this with event filters installed in 
>::polish(), and it either has to walk up the widget tree upto the root for 
>every widget that is created checking for toolbar, or do something like this. 
>And performance matters, so the name check is there. The reason Liquid 
>doesn't need to do this is that it, IIRC, simply uses the stiple to draw the 
>background, and so Qt draws it for it. However, changing the background brush 
>requires dozens of hacks to get the alignment right. 
>>Lastly, after trying it it unfortunately doesn't seem to work. The
>>background is still not right.
>It certainly works for KAddressBook -- could you perhaps compare what you're 
>doing with it?
Ok, I've looked around and it seems to work now. That just leaves the 
artifacts of the problem with the inactive QPushButton popup and the 
wrongly painted missing toolbar handle on toolbars which doesn't have 
the maintindow as the parent.

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