Artifacts in Keramik widget theme

Henrik Johnson hpj at
Mon Sep 2 19:37:35 BST 2002

Maks Orlovich wrote:

>>First of all I have to ask why this somewhat "hacky" tweak is needed.
>>Couldn't it simply be fixed in the styles, liquid seems to manage it.
>Because the style doesn't even draw labels, and for many other objects it  
>can't check parenting anyway, plus doing the check every time is somewhat of 
>an overhead. So the style has to handle this with event filters installed in 
>::polish(), and it either has to walk up the widget tree upto the root for 
>every widget that is created checking for toolbar, or do something like this. 
>And performance matters, so the name check is there. The reason Liquid 
>doesn't need to do this is that it, IIRC, simply uses the stiple to draw the 
>background, and so Qt draws it for it. However, changing the background brush 
>requires dozens of hacks to get the alignment right. 
>>Lastly, after trying it it unfortunately doesn't seem to work. The
>>background is still not right.
>It certainly works for KAddressBook -- could you perhaps compare what you're 
>doing with it?
Will do. Thanx for a response that definately makes sense. It wasn't 
like it was hard to fix, I just thought there might be other apps out 
there who also was not aware of this. I'll investigate what the problem 
is that make it not work.

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