KDirWatcher and dnotify signal problem

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Sep 2 17:01:16 BST 2002


 could somebody please review the attached patch? The theory is about like 
this: Whoever implemented the dnotify support in KDirWatch simply copied the 
example from kernel documentation. And the example uses SIGRTMIN for the 
signal. And LinuxThreads seem to use SIGRTMIN for its internal purposes in 
some configurations. So since the switch to Qt3 dnotify probably didn't work 
that great.

 I've found some internal function in glibc for allocating the real-time 
signals and modified KDirWatch to use it. Could somebody review it?

 BTW, now that the dnotify support finally seems to work, could it be enabled 
by default?

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