kdepim depends on kdenetwork through mimelib

Best, Jan-Pascal van j.p.vanbest at tbm.tudelft.nl
Mon Sep 2 10:29:53 BST 2002

(sent to kmail and kde-core-devel)
Hi all,

Because of my Exchange server handling additions to kde-pim, 
there is now a dependency of kdepim on kdenetwork. My 
Exchange stuff makes use of mimelib (in kdenetwork) to 
decode appointments on an Exchange server (they're given 
as rfc822 email messages containing the appointments in 
iCalendar format in am rfc2045 MIME container with 
mime-type text/calendar).

Since mimelib is part of kdenetwork, this means that kdepim 
now depends on kdenetwork. To resolve this, I would propose 
to move mimelib from kdenetwork to kdelibs. Would you agree
to that? And if you do, how should I go about doing that 



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