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Thu Oct 31 14:51:18 GMT 2002

El Jueves, 31 de Octubre de 2002 14:04, Stephan Binner escribió:
> On Thursday 31 October 2002 13:15, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> > Did you read any of my comments about icon themes and how they work?
> No, where? kde-core-devel? kde-artists? Don't expect me to read all
> commits.

Sorry, I tried to sent a Cc of the cvs commits were I said something 
important to kde-core-devel, but it seems I forgot that one.

> > They should inherit from "hicolor" or "default" (they mean the same
> > now).
> Why hard-code a fix for this when it can be corrected in these files?

We can fix it in those files, but not on every 3rd party icon theme (like 
the ones at kde-look.org), which we definitely want to continue supporting 
(specially if the user already has it installed, as we don't want to break 
his configuration).

Hicolor (or default) is just an "empty" icon theme (which is not selectable 
by the user) in which 3rd party apps should install their icons if they 
want them to be available independently of the icon theme the user is 
using. That way, we can even change again the default icon theme in the 
future and 1) nothing will break and 2) we won't have to do as many 
changes as we've had to do with the hicolor->crystalsvg change.
Of course, apps can _in addition_ install icons to other icon themes (like 
kdeclassic, crystal, or ikons), but that's optional (unless the developers 
want their apps only to work ok when the user is using a given icon theme 
:-) .


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