Clipboard problems (yes, again)

Don Sanders sanders at
Thu Oct 31 11:20:42 GMT 2002

Agreed, Klipper is broken by design, it heavily abuses the clipboard.

I always end up disabling Klipper sooner or later (normally soon after 
experiencing lock ups after performing clipboard related operations).

Personally I'd like to see all of Lubos' suggestions made including 
"completely nuking the 'synchronizing' feature"


On Thursday 31 October 2002 01:51, Lars Knoll wrote:
> If you'd followed kde-(core-)devel for the last years you'd have
> noticed that klipper is the _one_ application that always lead to
> huge problems for the KDE desktop as a whole (slowing it down to
> almost a standstill, etc...).
> Removing the synchronizing "feature" is the least we can do to
> finally get rid of these problems that made so many problems for
> KDE in the last years (and don't forget how many development
> resources they took we could have used better otherwise).

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