Clipboard problems (yes, again)

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Thu Oct 31 11:39:38 GMT 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 11:25, Hasso Tepper wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > > Paste to Konsole from clipboard is Shit+Insert, from selection
> > > Ctrl+Shift+Insert. Why it is this way? Syncing was the only way
> > > for my coworkers using KDE to get back old behavior "select
> > > something with mouse and paste it with Shift+Insert" they were
> > > using for years. Or I just don't know other way to do it? Is
> > > there any other way?
> >
> > If they select with the mouse, why don't they paste with the mouse
> > (MMB)? This feels much more consistent than "select with mouse,
> > paste with Shift+Insert".
> I think you know how hard it is to change habits :). These guys work
> mostly with keyboard. Copying with mouse is one of the very few
> things they do with mouse. If you select something from xterm and
> want to paste it to texteditor you have to move mouse exactly to this
> line to where you want to paste. When you don't do it, cursor is
> moved to another line and selection is pasted there - wrong place. It
> is much faster to move just focus to window where to want paste and
> press Shift+Insert.

 Hmm. I'd say this counts as a sufficient reason to keep selection->clipboard 
syncing as an option. Not that it would help in this xterm case, the 
functionality would have to move back to Klipper from KClipboard.

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