Clipboard problems (yes, again)

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Thu Oct 31 09:47:11 GMT 2002

Lubos Lunak:
> Hmm, I see it this way: Either somebody finally tells me a
> reasonable argument for keeping the syncing, or I'll remove it
> soon. The chances for persuading me on the automatic
> selection->clipboard syncing are much higher than on the both-way
> or opposite-way syncing. Since I don't think we'll get the whole
> system right for 3.1, the chances also increase for keeping the
> modes only for 3.1 (preferably with a warning somewhere though),
> and removing later.

Paste to Konsole from clipboard is Shit+Insert, from selection 
Ctrl+Shift+Insert. Why it is this way? Syncing was the only way for 
my coworkers using KDE to get back old behavior "select something 
with mouse and paste it with Shift+Insert" they were using for years.
Or I just don't know other way to do it? Is there any other way?

Hasso Tepper
KDE Estonian Team

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