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On Wednesday 30 October 2002 19:07, Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 October 2002 18:55, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > On Wednesday 30 October 2002 17:38, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> (...)
> > > KClipboard could get a check to only do this when clipboard and
> > > selection are not equal already.
> >
> >  This would not help in all cases I think, and I'm also afraid this
> > check would be quite complicated (after only a while of thinking
> > about it, so maybe I'm wrong). The thing hidden behind the simple
> > QClipboard API isn't that simple.
> Since the problem really seems to be complicated enough what about the
> following proposal:
> Wouldn't it be nice if Lubos removed the reverse feature so for KDE 3.1
> we would only have the less error prone one-way selection->clipboard
> syncing?
> Then (after release) one could dig deeper into this things and try to
> find a solution that matches all requerenments - or stay with the
> one-way syncing if it finally turns out that there is indeed no sane
> way to implement it otherwise...
> So we would have something stable for the 3.1 release.
> Does that sound good?
Yes ;)

Even a nice feature should be switched off (at least until a proper fix is 
found) if it triggers that hard bugs.
(That bug has stolen me hours, too, as I first not got the idea that klipper 
would trigger some kate copy and paste freeze)


> Karl-Heinz

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