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Wed Oct 30 16:44:51 GMT 2002

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On Wednesday 30 October 2002 17:40, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Wednesday October 30, 2002 08:31, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >  You don't want the feature that much anyway - if you really cared, so
> > you'd try something constructive. I have better things to do than
> > chatting with you.
> I did far more construction than you did.  Some of that which you insist
> that I don't want was put in by me - I'm the one who went and first tried
> to put the KDE standard clipboad behavior into klipper when others were
> getting worried that KDE 3 was going to brea behaviors that users had come
> to rely up on for the entire lifetime of KDE.
> If you want to be constructive, fix the bugs in Qt you admit to exist.  Qt
> 3.1 is not out yet, is it?

Even if you want Qt2/KDE2 behaviour there is no need to "set the selection from
the clipboard". The fact that klipper does so triggers bugs - the bug is in the
misfeature, not in QTextEdit or other apps which simply set something into the clipboard.

IMHO you can get the "KDE standard clipboard behaviour" by setting the 
clipboard from the selection (i.e. "Copy" is a no-op), no need for the other 
way round (which leads to wrong deselections). This is the heart of the issue
here: would this feature be enough to get a qt2/kde2-like behaviour or not?

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