PATCH to make minicli use all KURIFilterPlugins

Dawit A. adawit at
Mon Oct 28 05:16:56 GMT 2002

On Sunday 27 October 2002 03:50, David Faure wrote:
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> On Saturday 26 October 2002 07:49, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > The attached patch makes the KDesktop minicli use all installed
> > KURIFilterPlugins when and only when the user executes the command.
> > Minicli will still use only the two hard-coded filters for the
> > letter-by-letter filtering.
> >
> > This is useful because people might write their own plugins (like the
> > apidocs filter I just wrote), and for something like "apidocs:KURL" it
> > feels a lot faster to use the minicli than to open a konqueror window.
> >
> > OK to apply?
> No. The reason for this code is to avoid running the ikws plugin,
> so that if you type "kosnole" (typo intended), you don't end up in
> a google search for kosnole.


> However this API does prevent running any other plugin, and a better
> API for this case would be "run all plugins except those". This would
> require a change in KURIFilterData, but is the only right way to do this.

No it is not the only choice.  It is one of the choices :)  The restriction in 
minicli was temporary.  I intended to come up with a config dialog that 
allows you to select the plugin you desire.  However,  I have never gotten 
around to doing it for several reason one of which is that the config dialog 
needs to be available to all apps that use it and save its settings into the 
specific apps config file.  This way the plugins used for konqueror would not 
be mixed up with the once in Minicli for example.

There is also no good reason to ban everyone from using any plugin they choose 
so long as the default setting is as sane as it is now :)

> (BTW for apidocs, we could have a server-side cgi that does the lookup ;)

Getting carried away a bit aren't we :) ?  Of course this could easily be 
accomplished through the web-shortcut, no ?

Dawit A.

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