PATCH to make minicli use all KURIFilterPlugins

David Faure david at
Sun Oct 27 08:50:46 GMT 2002

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On Saturday 26 October 2002 07:49, Neil Stevens wrote:
> The attached patch makes the KDesktop minicli use all installed
> KURIFilterPlugins when and only when the user executes the command.
> Minicli will still use only the two hard-coded filters for the
> letter-by-letter filtering.
> This is useful because people might write their own plugins (like the
> apidocs filter I just wrote), and for something like "apidocs:KURL" it
> feels a lot faster to use the minicli than to open a konqueror window.
> OK to apply?

No. The reason for this code is to avoid running the ikws plugin,
so that if you type "kosnole" (typo intended), you don't end up in
a google search for kosnole.

However this API does prevent running any other plugin, and a better
API for this case would be "run all plugins except those". This would
require a change in KURIFilterData, but is the only right way to do this.

(BTW for apidocs, we could have a server-side cgi that does the lookup ;)

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