Request for a one week delay of RC1

Richard Moore rich at
Sun Oct 27 18:33:50 GMT 2002

Torsten Rahn wrote:
> TODO for KDE 3.1:
> (estimated time of completion: Wednesday Oct 30th)
> - Merging icons from Crystal 0.72 into Crystal SVG
> - Fixing missing 16x16-versions
> - new arrow-icons, fixes in the Konqueror-toolbar, fixes for some major
> icon-related bugs mentioned on
> - corrections for the colorscheme as asked by dirk
> - Some minor translation corrections which evolved from the new defaults
> - remaining corrections in the documentation (there have been hicolor-icons
> linked there)
> The rest of the week will be used for:
> - Bugfixes in Crystal SVG / KDE Classic
> - proper Testing

How about releasing RC1 as scheduled, but releasing an RC2 a week
later that includes these fixes? Since we're in deep freeze this
should only have a positive impact in terms of stability, and would
allow us an extra chance for people to detect last minute bugs.



> Optional:
> ======
> - merging in a few more icons from the most recent SVGs
> - Selection of additional new wallpapers from KDE-Look.
> Regards,
> Tackat

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