Request for a one week delay of RC1

Torsten Rahn tackat at
Sun Oct 27 17:56:47 GMT 2002

Hi :-)

As you might have noticed we have been heavily working on making Crystal SVG 
(which is a forked version mainly based on SVG artwork) and Keramik default.
Originally this was planned to happen last weekend already. Unfortunately (due 
to private tasks and some lack of communication) we haven't been able to take 
care of this until this weekend. 
Crystal and Keramik are the most visible changes and the most advertized ones 
for KDE 3.1. Therefore I feel that it is necessary to delay the release by 
one week to deliver a great new version of KDE that keeps its promises. 
Release dates have never been mandatory as soon as we felt that we haven't 
reached our goals and that there were some critical issues left. So I ask you 
kindly to approve my request for a one week delay.

Completed tasks:

- Renaming the hicolor-icons to make them install into the crystalsvg-folder.
- making the Crystal-version from CVS used by default / Code changes to make 
this work without any conflicts
- Copying app-icons from kdelibs/pics/crystalsvg to the modules where they 
- moving KDEClassic (formerly known as HiColor) to kdeartwork.

TODO for KDE 3.1:
(estimated time of completion: Wednesday Oct 30th)

- Merging icons from Crystal 0.72 into Crystal SVG
- Fixing missing 16x16-versions
- new arrow-icons, fixes in the Konqueror-toolbar, fixes for some major 
icon-related bugs mentioned on
- corrections for the colorscheme as asked by dirk
- Some minor translation corrections which evolved from the new defaults
- remaining corrections in the documentation (there have been hicolor-icons 
linked there)

The rest of the week will be used for:

- Bugfixes in Crystal SVG / KDE Classic 
- proper Testing

- merging in a few more icons from the most recent SVGs 
- Selection of additional new wallpapers from KDE-Look.


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